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Colour Change (Temp Colour Change) Gel Nail Polish

Temperature Colour Change Gel Polish from Saint Nails. We've put some videos together below, click on the button below to see them. We've also added a video for each colour in the product detail page. See the colour change happen.

We've got lots of videos to follow, including some fantastic Nail Art using our Temp Colour changers. But right now it's just a preview. Do check out the videos in each individual product though. We've worked hard to show you the exact effect.



Colour Change Launch Video




If you are new to Saint Nails then don't forget to check out our Gel Polish Colours. We have a Core range which is available to everyone and a business-only Professional range. We aim to offer a stunning premium branded product, at a price which works for you or your business. Do check out our 5 Star reviews on Facebook. We also offer samples of our Gel Polish. Find out more here: Saint Sample Program