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  • Subtle Purple Gel Nail Polish
  • Subtle Purple Gel Nail Polish
  • Subtle Purple Gel Nail Polish

Subtle Purple

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Subtle Purple. Temp Change Gel Nail Polish from Saint. It's a revamped product, now in our new design bottles, with Colour View Window, Clear Name and a colour sample lid. This colour goes Dark purple to a slightly lighter purple when warm. We've created a video of it changing colour below. Scroll down to see it.

Note | It's really quite sheer. So for full coverage you will be looking at 3 coats (depending on thickness). It's also a very subtle change. You can see it in the video, but it's really subtle. Subtle Purple....


How to Apply

It works exactly the same as our other Gel Polishes. Base Coat, Colour Layers, then Top Coat. Curing after each using our standard recommended times. For more instructions do visit our Instruction Page.

What it does

It changes colour as the temperature changes. As you move from cold to hot you can see it happen slowly. Want to test it? The easiest way is to dip the nails in warm/cold water. In the our video below we've started with exactly that.

If you need any further information then please just get in touch. 

Please note: This video was created using cold water, a hair dryer and then sped up. In real life the change is slower and much more subtle.

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