Pigment Powders

Our new pigment powders. Perfect to add a little something to your existing Saint Colours. In a 5g pot with Applicator. Check out the description of each product for a video of them in action and full instructions. 

We've also added some videos and Nail Tech notes below. Click on the button to jump down the page and seem them. 

  1. Vino Delight



    Vino Delight is the strongest of all our Pigments. It basically covers what ever colour it's on (you can see it over white, black, coral and summer evening in the images). But it's finish when top coated is amazing. Such a deep and vibrant shade. It's lovely.  Learn More
  2. Tarnished Brass



    Tarnished Brass (as the name suggests) adds a gold/brass colour. It works brilliantly on almost all colours. A pick of the range it can transform your existing collection. In the image you can see it over 4 colours. Offering something to each. (And do check out the close up video on the white). Learn More
  3. Matte Stainless



    Matte Stainless. When you need a straight silver. Stunning, fine, vibrant. Add a Non-Wipe Top Coat and enjoy it. It's gorgeous. Learn More
A challenge to explain what the Pigment Powders can do so we've spent some time creating some videos to help. Some of them on white give a really subtle effect which is stunning. But hard to show. Check out the videos and notes below for more information.



Instructions for using our Pigment Powders




Nail Art example with Tarnished Brass over white, plus Neons and 3D Styling - with thanks to the talented @YourNailFriend




We've done our best to show how The Prince, Tarnished Brass and Steel Ice go over white. 





Nail Tech notes:

- Vino Delight and Matte Stainless are really strong. They will mostly block any colour underneath. That's fine, they are both fab in their own right with a stunning finish, you just won't able to modify existing colours too much with these. 

- The Prince, Tarnished Brass, Steel Ice are more 'modifier pigments' they can take any existing colour and enhance it. Make sure to look at the videos we've created; using them over Black, White, Coral and Summer Evening. The create a really stunning sheen. Perfect for a feature nail or just to add some options to your nail arsenal.

- Vintage Rose Gold is somewhere between the other products. Fab on it's on own. It's really a stunning pale gold over white, slightly deeper on Black. On bright reds and coral, you can see the base colour with a gold sheen over. Looks great. Do check out the video.

- The powders won't go into a cured Non-Wipe Top Coat. But this is good! If you want to get super creative, try using a standard Gel or 3D styling over a cured top, then add the powders. The creative possibilities are endless. You can get some stunning effects. It's all up to your imagination.



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