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Frequently Asked Questions

We've rounded all the questions and issues that normally come up. Hopefully we've got everything here, but if you need anything else then please just get in touch via the 'Need Help' tab which should be on the right side of this page (and every other page).

Is it pure Gel or a hybrid gel?

Definitely a pure gel.

Do we have MSDS certifications available?

We do, drop an email to [email protected] and we can provide them to you

Can I get insurance on the product?

We have product liability up to £5mill but your insurance depends of course on your provider and their policy

Do I need a lamp for these to work?

You do. This a full Gel Polish Curing product.

Do you sell top and base coat?

We do. Including a Matte Top coat and a 'Non Wipe' top coat. Just check out our accessories page. Accessories

Do our products work with LED/ or UV lamps?

Work with both - just adjust the times.

How long do I need to cure with a UV/LED lamp?

Click here to view our instruction guide

Do we have or recommend a specific brand of lamp (does it work with a specific lamp)?

We don't, the product works with any brand of lamp. The spec is the key thing rather than the brand.