Our approach to Salons and Mobile professional is simple. How can we help you? We are a start up business but we have an amazing product, one that's undergone a unique level of user testing. We're sure it can work for your business but from experience we understand that different businesses need different things. What do you need? If we can do it then we will. From day one we can offer partner salons/mobile techs the following:

What we can offer

We're all in a competitive business. We want to support you by giving you a price which reflects your expertise, volume and allows you to successfully grow your business

From the set up - we have adopted some industry leading real chat technology, to make sure that you can get in touch and find out what you need, when you need to

We're creating a product finder. So customers looking for someone to do a professional manicure will be able to find your business on our site.

We've create an A5 Catalogue which is great for letting your customers choose their next manicure. With stocking orders over a certain amount - we'd print it with your name or logo on it.

In addition to flat reduction discount across the board as a Partner business, we'd also support the price of stocking orders. Buying in bulk is rewarded at Saint Nails.

We've already got lots of posters, foam boards and popups available. All produced to an extremely high quality, and all designed to enhance your workspace. Our logo is on there, but it's not a blatant advert. It reflects our approach. You can check it our here: (once you're logged in)

We're a startup. We've launched with a strong range, but there is much more to come. Within the next few months we'll start to formally build out our Pro-Only range. Which will only be available to partner businesses.

As a partner business, you would be offered new products first. Before general release. For example we've got a range of mirror powder and holographic powder launching in the next few weeks. This will be available to partner business only at launch. And is launching with limited stock.

Maybe you might need none of this. Or all of it. Maybe something else? The point is - if you want us, if you want to discuss the product, our business, chase a delivery, need some specific marketing or even just want to say hello. Then we are there. Just ask. We want to grow this business. We're tiny - but with the right partners, we can grow together. Let's make this happen!

We can only offer improved pricing and enhanced support to Salons. We need to be sure that we're dealing with a business, one who trades primarily in Gel Nal products and one who undertakes a certain level of volume. Whilst we're reluctant to put too many qualification criteria against the Salon program, we need to ensure that we are dealing with scaled and dedicated nail businesses. We'll review all cases but we may ask for some or all of the following.

Questions we will ask
VOLUME We need to know roughly many units you purchase on average on a monthly basis.
BUSINESS INFO We'll need to see some evidence that your business is trading and active as a Nail Salon. If it's retail unit then details about the operation, number of manicurist's, images, website and social media presence
QUALIFICATION Evidence that the primary Gel Nail practitioner has undergone some formal training.

We do hope that you understand why we apply this criteria. It's critical that our products are applied at the highest standard, and that our brand is represented by established and credible salons. We do anticipate the Salon program being limited to extremely small numbers but we can promise a quick response. If this sounds a fit for your business then simply drop us a message using the tool on the bottom right of every page.