Holographic Powder

VIDEO UPDATE: For the most reliable results, WE recommend using the powder on top of a Standard Top Coat which has been dry wiped. Dry wiped really well. This is really important and it makes life much easier.....  Then a thick application of Non-Wipe Top Coat over the powder - making sure you cap the free edge, then cure, for the best lasting finish.

Our brand new Holographic Powder. (We find it goes by a few names, Mermaid, Holographic and even Chameleon). It's 35 Micron. For use over an existing gel colour, and it offers a fantastic finish. They come with an applicator. Check out the video below for a brilliant guide to their usage. (And huge thanks to the blogger KA Nails for this). We've added our core Top Coat and Non-Wipe Top too - in case you don't already have them.

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    Holographic Powder Gel Nail Polish

    Holographic Powder

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