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Professional Partner Program

We have both dedicated products and pricing for businesses, it’s called the Professional Partner Program. It is for business/professional use only. Don’t worry if you don’t have a business - our fabulous Core range and all the other fab products are still available to you.

If you do work professionally in Gel Nails, we need to establish that we are dealing with a business before we can show pricing or give further information. We do apologise for this process; it’s not our intent to make our customers jump through hoops. However, if it offers any comfort, everyone must go through this process to buy the products, so consumers should be unable to use the same range or enjoy quite the same pricing as dedicated professionals.

To help you along we’ve answered some key questions below. If your business is a match, and you can provide this information, then simply proceed by pressing one of the green buttons below.

Why do we want a URL of your business Facebook Page or website? This is all about proving we are selling to a business. Anyone offering professional nail services is extremely likely to have some kind of digital presence. If we can see page likes, websites, customer reviews, opening times and products offered online then we can be reasonably sure we are dealing with a business.

What if I don't have one? Well, the process is manual, but we'd look to understand your business model. It makes it more difficult for us. We'd look at other routes in this case. Company registration, invoices, etc... And of course, try and understand why there isn't any digital presence.

Why do you want certification? We want to be sure that our Professional products are in the hands of Nail Tech's who are trained and able to deliver an exceptionally high-quality application. The result is ultimately a reflection of our brand. We also don't expect to support experienced professionals to the same extent as consumers; part of the price saving for Professionals is based on this saving.

What if I don't have certification? It makes it difficult. If there is no certification but substantial evidence of a successful, well-reviewed trading (and existing) business, then we'd judge each case individually.

What about if I'm just starting out? We're just starting too - we know it's tough. We'd recommend working with the Core Range and other products until you're up and going. We can still support you on the other products. Let's grow together.

The first question is have you purchased or registered with us before? If you have, and can log into the site already, then please click on the button below to get started.


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If you are completely new to Saint. You've not registered with before then welcome! Just click on the button below to get started. 


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